Hello Everyone!

It’s my usual day to post: “Wobblenot Wednesday!”

Wobblenot is a blog about living a balanced life. I haven’t exactly walked the talk in the last couple of months. I sort of have a new job, which in my case only means my staff and workload has doubled. Nonetheless, this is the gig that pays my bills.  I have to maintain my work ethic and keep my standards high!

I haven’t been taking care of personal business, which really doesn’t work for me. I would be embarrassed to share with you what balls got dropped. Saying, “Oops!” was getting old.

I was feeling rather stressed, like…

2014-04-28 23.36.10-2

(Is that my head exploding?)

Well, I remembered what I said at the beginning of this year. So, in assessing the first quarter, I also realize I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time working on Wobblenot. Even after five months, I’ve got a big learning curve regarding the blogosphere, and I’m an information junkie. This is truly a labor of love. Right now, though, I’m wobbling so much that it is time to push the Refresh button.

I’m taking a hiatus until late May, which isn’t that far away…although it does feel like spring is taking its sweet time in coming. I’m going to work on my priorities and time management. When Wobblenot returns, it will have a new look.  (I might, too, for that matter. We’ll see….)

So, stay with me y’all. I’ll see you soon!

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